Who discovered forensic toxicology?

When was toxicology first discovered?

The study and classification of toxic substances was first systematized by Matthieu Orfila (1787–1853) in the 19th century. Traditionally, the toxicologist’s functions have been to identify poisons and to search for antidotes and other means of treating toxic injuries.

Who is the father of Indian forensic medicine?

Figure 1.2 Paolus Zacchia (1584–1659), called the ‘Father of forensic medicine’.

What is the history of toxicology?

The word “toxicology” comes from the Greek word for poison (toxicon) and scientific study (logos), and was coined in the 17th century. Toxicology was originally an empirical science, and did not evolve into a volumetric science until the emergence of chemistry and analytical science.

Who is grandfather of forensic criminology?

Father’s of Various branches of Forensic Science

Sr. No. Branches and Fields Name
1. Father of Forensic Science Bernard Spilsbury
2. Father of Modern Forensic Science Dr Edmond locard
3. Father of Forensic Accounting Frank John Wilson
4. Father of Forensic Anthropology Thomas Dwight
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