When performing a forensic analysis what device is used to make exact copy of the evidence drive?

What are the devices used in digital forensic?

A few of the more common digital forensic tools are CelleBrite Physical Analyzer, Magnet Forensics’ Internet Evidence Finder (IEF), XRY Mobile Forensic Tool, Access Data’s Forensic Tool Kit (FTK), and Guidance Software’s EnCase.

How do I make a forensic copy of my hard drive?

The main window of Belkasoft Acquisition Tool. Click on the ‘Drive’. After that, a window will open, in which we will be asked to choose: the device to be copied; specify the place where the forensic image will be created; specify file name and format, etc.

How does a computer forensic expert validate they made an exact bit for bit copy of a computer’s HDD?

The calculation can be a sum (Checksum), a remainder of a division or the resulting of a hashing function) of an original device can validate if media is an exact duplicate (forensically sound copy). Any variation in the hash value of an original to its Clone or Image will confirm that they are not exact copies.

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What is a forensic copy?

A forensic image (forensic copy) is a bit-by-bit, sector-by-sector direct copy of a physical storage device, including all files, folders and unallocated, free and slack space. … Unless the data is deleted securely and overwritten, it can often be recovered with forensic or file recovery software.

Which tool is used for analysis of forensic image?

2) Sleuth Kit (+Autopsy)

Sleuth Kit (+Autopsy) is a Windows based utility tool that makes forensic analysis of computer systems easier. This tool allows you to examine your hard drive and smartphone. Features: You can identify activity using a graphical interface effectively.

What command should a forensic analyst use to make a forensic disk image of a HDD?

We can restore our disk data from this disk image file when needed. This file is exactly the same size as the disk itself. We will use the dd command to create a disk image file from the disk.

What device is used to prevent the system from recording data on an evidence disk?

What are write blockers? A write blocker is any tool that permits read-only access to data storage devices without compromising the integrity of the data. A write blocker, when used properly, can guarantee the protection of the data chain of custody.

How do I use forensic image on my laptop?

Step 1: For a dead acquisition you will need to plug in the Hard Drive through use of a HDD Dock or by other means to a laptop that has FTK. Step 2: Open FTK Imager by clicking on the “FTK Imager” icon. A screen shot of the icon can be seen below and once it is open you should be greeted with the FTK Imager dashboard.

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How can a forensic analyst verify that a forensic image matches the image source?

By definition, forensic copies are exact, bit-for-bit duplicates of the original. To verify this, we can use a hash function to produce a type of “checksum” of the source data. As each bit of the original media is read and copied, that bit is also entered into a hashing algorithm.

How hashing is used in digital forensics?

Hash values are used to identify and filter duplicate files (i.e. email, attachments, and loose files) from an ESI collection or verify that a forensic image or clone was captured successfully. Each hashing algorithm uses a specific number of bytes to store a “ thumbprint” of the contents.