What three types of photographs are taken at crime scenes quizlet?

What types of photographs are taken at crime scenes?

These three types of crime/accident scene photographs include overalls, midranges, and close-ups. The overall photographs document the general conditions of the scene, with both exterior and interior views, and how the specific crime scene relates to the surrounding area.

What are 3 ways a crime scene can be recorded?

The three most common methods of recording a crime scene are: note taking, sketching, and photography.

How many photographs should be taken of a crime scene quizlet?

At least three photos should be taken of a piece of evidence, one of the whole piece of evidence, a medium view shot of the evidence, and a close up shot of the evidence. Include photos from the overall scene, medium view shots, and close-up shots.

When should photographs be taken at the crime scene quizlet?

Always taken before the object is collected. General to specific, long distance to close up. ALWAYS take medium to close range photos before evidence is collected. 1.

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What are types of crime scenes?

There are three types of crime scenes:

  • Outdoor.
  • Indoor.
  • Conveyance.

What are sequential photographs taken at a crime scene?

What three types of photographs are taken at crime scenes?

  • Overall Photographs. Overall photos capture the global aspects of the crime scene. …
  • Midrange Photographs. …
  • Close-up Photographs and Evidence Photography.

How do you photograph a crime scene?

Shoot the scene: The photographer should take photographs before anything is disturbed, progressively working through the scene from outside to close-up pictures. Many shots should be taken, from the entire scene, to medium shots to show the relationship of evidence to the overall scene.

What are the three ways that crimes are discovered quizlet?

The three recording methods are photography, sketches, and notes are the three methods for crime-scene recording. As items of physical evidence are discovered, they are photographed to show their position and location relative to the entire scene.

What areas should be photographed during a crime scene investigation?

The areas photographed should include the location in which the crime actually took place and all adjacent areas where important acts occurred immediately before or after the commission of the crime. Name and describe the two kinds of sketches prepared for a crime-scene.

What does the crime scene photographer do quizlet?

The purpose of crime scene photography is to accurately depict the scene without introducing distortion or visual bias. Describe how a photograph might create a confusion problem. … The purpose of overall photographs is to depict the general condition and layout of the scene.

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Who is responsible for taking pictures at a crime scene quizlet?

29. The first officer on the scene is responsible for taking crime scene photos. 30. Crime scenes are always searched in a grid to ensure that all potential evidence is found.

How many pictures should be taken of each piece of evidence at a crime scene?

Take three or four overlapping photographs to show enough tire impression for one full circumference of the tire. Do not move the scale while taking the photographs. Later, the series of overlapping photo-graphs can be pieced together by matching the scale in the photographs.