What is tempered glass in forensics?

Where is tempered glass used forensics?

Tempered glass is used in: The side and rear windows of autos manufactured in the US. A piece of glass is immersed in a liquid. It proceeds to float on the liquid’s surface.

What is tempered glass quizlet?

tempered glass. composition: • Soda-lime glass that is made stronger by the rapid heating and cooling of the glass surface. description: • Stronger than ordinary glass.

Why is glass analysis used in forensic science?

A forensic glass analysis is typically a comparison of two or more glass fragments in an attempt to determine if they originated from different sources. Less frequently, it is a question of determination of end use, or glass provenance. … The aim of a comparative glass analysis is to exclude possible sources.

Is tempered glass used in crystal stemware?

Tempered glass is used in expensive crystal glassware because it is usually attractive.

How is glass collected from a crime scene?


The glass should be placed in a sealed paper bindle or a folded and sealed paper or plastic bag, depending on size. Large pieces of glass with sharp edges should be put into sealed containers (such as cardboard boxes) in which they will not cut their way through.

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How would you demonstrate to a jury the difference between regular and tempered glass?

How would you demonstrate to a jury the difference between regular and tempered glass? … The size of the shattered glass pieces can help determine which one it is. Tempered glass breaks into smaller pieces making it safer for injuries while regular glass breaks in large and sharp pieces.

How can glass analysis help solve a crime?

Comparing the color of a suspect piece of glass with the color of a reference sample can distinguish whether the two samples share a common source. As a consequence, significant color differences between glass fragments can be used as the basis for exclusion of a suspect.

What happens when tempered glass breaks quizlet?

When tempered glass breaks it falls into small granules. Tempered glass is often specified for its high optical quality. Spandrel glass is often furnished complete with thermal insulation and vapor retarder.

What type of glass breaks into tiny squares?

Tempered Glass

Toughened (or tempered) glass is a type of safety glass that has increased strength and will usually shatter in small, square pieces when broken. It is used when strength, thermal resistance, and safety are important considerations.