What does a forensic fingerprint analyst do?

How much do fingerprint analysts make?

How Much Do Fingerprint Analysts Earn? According to Payscale.com, forensic analysts, which include fingerprint analysts, made a median salary of $64,621 annually as of November 2019.

What is a forensic fingerprint specialist?

Fingerprint analysts, also often referred to as forensic print analysts, latent (meaning hidden or concealed) print examiners, latent fingerprint analysts, fingerprint examiners, or fingerprint experts, are scientists who are responsible for preserving, studying and evaluating fingerprints (and often palmprints and

How do you become a fingerprint analyst?

To become a fingerprint technician, you usually need a bachelor’s degree in forensic science or a related field. Sometimes a high school diploma and associate degree along with a job training program may be sufficient education.

Do fingerprint analysts travel?

Fingerprint analyst workplace environment

Fingerprint analysts most frequently work in a scientific laboratory, out in the field at crime scenes or a combination of the two. Some fingerprint analysts may have positions that require travel.

What does forensic DNA analyst do?

DNA analysts prepare and analyze DNA from criminal evidence. They interpret the results of their DNA analysis and often are required to testify as expert witnesses on their findings. Because of the important nature of their work, analysts check each others findings (a process known as peer review).

What personality traits do you think a fingerprint expert needs to have?

Fingerprint specialists must have personal characteristics such as being detail-oriented, good at analyzing data to solve problems, well organized, and an effective communicator.

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