Question: What are following hurdles cyber forensics facing?

What are the hurdles that many cyber crime investigators face?

These challenges include: the need to track down sophisticated users who commit unlawful acts on the Internet while hiding their identities; the need for close coordination among law enforcement agencies; and the need for trained and well-equipped personnel to gather evidence, investigate, and prosecute these cases.

What challenges are computer forensic experts facing today?

Challenges for digital forensics

  • High speed and volumes. Properties of Internet of Things and cyber-physical systems devices and their effect on modern digital forensics. …
  • Explosion of complexity. …
  • Development of standards. …
  • Privacy-preserving investigations. …
  • Legitimacy. …
  • Rise of antiforensics techniques.

What are the problems challenges encountered during the conduct of cybercrime investigation?

The lack of harmonized national cybercrime laws, international standardization of evidentiary requirements (both in terms of admissibility in a court of law, and in terms of international state responsibility), mutual legal assistance on cybercrime matters, and timely collection, preservation, and sharing of digital

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What is the biggest challenge for a forensic analyst?

The biggest challenge remains the interpretation of those complex mixtures and the determination of the relevance of a contributor’s DNA profile derived from an exhibit to the crime that has been committed.

What were the main challenges facing investigators who were collecting evidence in the case?

The main challenges that they had to face were the Mexican officials tampering and moving the evidence, the house at 881 Lope De Vega being cleaned and painted and officials living there, they also would not allow the DEA investigators to investigate some places.

Which of the following is the biggest challenge for electronic evidence?

Conclusion. Today, the biggest challenge the Courts have to deal with regard to electronic evidence is its authenticity, veracity, genuineness and reliability for it to be admissible before the court of law.

What are some of the challenges facing forensics data collection in the cloud?

Identified some research challenges, including “discovery of computation structure,” “attribution of data,” “stability of evidence,” and “presentation and visualisation of evidence”. Multi-jurisdictional law is escalating the challenge of Cloud forensics.

What are some of the challenges facing forensic data collection in a cloud environment?

NIST details cloud forensic challenges

  • Architecture: Dealing with diversity, complexity, provenance, multi-tenancy and data segregation.
  • Data collection: Addressing data integrity, data recovery, data location and imaging.

Which of the following are considered digital forensic challenges to an investigation?

Digital forensic investigators face challenges such as extracting data from damaged or destroyed devices, locating individual items of evidence among vast quantities of data, and ensuring that their methods capture data reliably without altering it in any way.

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