How would you carry out forensic investigation on a mobile phone?

How do you do mobile forensics?

Forensic process. The forensics process for mobile devices broadly matches other branches of digital forensics; however, some particular concerns apply. Generally, the process can be broken down into three main categories: seizure, acquisition, and examination/analysis.

What is the first thing a forensic investigator should do in mobile phone investigations?

2.3 Examination and analysis

As the first step of every digital investigation involving a mobile device(s), the forensic expert needs to identify: Type of the mobile device(s) – e.g., GPS, smartphone, tablet, etc.

What is mobile forensics process?

Mobile forensics is a process used to recover digital evidence or data from a mobile device. However, the process isn’t only used to access and read this data, but to do it in a way that will preserve the evidence. The term “mobile devices” encompasses a wide array of gadgets including mobile phones and tablets.

Which kind of forensic information can be availed from a smartphone?

This can include the text, emoji, voice recorded messages, videos, images, gifs, and other attachments. Beyond the content of the message, forensics can reveal the metadata, including the participants, time and date, read and unread status, group chat titles, and deletion status of messages.

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How long does mobile forensics take?

It can take four to eight hours to take cell phone evidence to a lab and have the data extracted and made available to investigators. By that time, a kidnapped child could be in another state.

How can cell phones be used in an investigation?


A more common method that police use to find the location of a specific cell phone at a particular time is through information obtained from cell phone towers. A smart phone is constantly communicating with cell phone towers in order to find the strongest signal.

What are the important part of the mobile device which used in digital forensic?

The most important is the eMMC memory chip.

What is a forensic download of a phone?


Capture and organize manual Screen Captures and perform an initial review of pictures, videos, messages, etc. Conduct an in-depth analysis of the data with a timeline view to tie the suspect to files of interest and user activities.

How much does cell phone forensics cost?

How much does it cost for the acquisition and analysis of evidence from a mobile phone? In the majority of cases we can acquire and process the phone’s evidence and generate tool analysis reports for between $2,500 to $3,500.

What type of evidence can be extracted from a mobile device?

Although compact, these handheld devices can contain personal informa- tion including call history, text messages, e-mails, digital photographs, videos, calendar items, memos, address books, passwords, and credit card numbers.

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What are some methods for seizing evidence from a mobile device?

Seizing Mobile Devices

Devices should be turned off immediately and batteries removed, if possible. Turning off the phone preserves cell tower location information and call logs, and prevents the phone from being used, which could change the data on the phone.