Which is a contribution of Calvin Goddard to forensic science quizlet?

What did Albert Osborn contribute to forensics quizlet?

What did Albert Osborn contribute to Forensics? He applied principles of document examination.

What was Francis Galton’s principal contribution to forensic science?

What was Francis Galton’s principal contribution to forensic science? Undertook the first definitive study of fingerprints and developed a methodology of classifying them for filing.

What did Walter McCrone contribution to forensics?

Walter C. McCrone’s voluminous contributions to the field of forensic microscopy and the analyses of micro and ultra micro transfer (trace) evidence. Dr. McCrone was renowned for his life long efforts in promoting the application of the Polarized Light Microscope (PLM) to problem solving.

What did Edmond locard contribute to forensics quizlet?

Edmond Locard was a pioneer in forensic science who became known as the “Sherlock Holmes of France”. He formulated the basic principle of forensic science: “Every contact leaves a trace”. This became known as Locard’s exchange principle.

When was the term forensics added to the dictionary?

In 1659, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary officially recognized and printed the word “forensic”. The term had been used in medical writings for many years, but until then was not considered to be an “official” word in the English language.

Who contributes fingerprinting science?

Francis Galton and Fingerprints

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Who discovered fingerprint?

British Scientist, Sir Francis Galton is also credited with this discovery, although it looks as if his work was based on Faulds’ research.