What is the criminal justice process?

What are the five stages of the criminal justice process?

The five (5) basic steps of a criminal proceeding are the:

  • Arrest.
  • Preliminary hearing.
  • Grand jury investigation.
  • Arraignment in Criminal Court.
  • Trial by jury.

What are the 10 steps in the criminal justice process?

10 Steps in The Federal Criminal Process

  • Investigation. …
  • Charging. …
  • Initial Appearance / Arraignment. …
  • Preliminary Hearing. …
  • Discovery. …
  • Plea Bargaining. …
  • Pre-Trial Motions. …
  • Trial.

What are the 13 steps of the criminal justice process?

Terms in this set (13)

  • investigation. …
  • Arrest. …
  • Booking. …
  • Charging. …
  • Initial appearance. …
  • preliminary hearing/ grand jury. …
  • Indictment/ information. …
  • Arraignment.

Who process the criminal justice?

The investigatory process. Investigation of crime usually involves three elements. First, public officials, usually the police, must learn that an offense may have been, or is to be, committed. Second, law enforcement agents must identify the likely offender or offenders.

What are 3 major components of the criminal justice system?


What are the 8 stages of a criminal trial?

Eight stages:

  • Trial initiation.
  • Jury selection.
  • Opening statements.
  • Presentation of evidence.
  • Closing arguments.
  • Judge’s charge to the jury.
  • Jury deliberations.
  • Verdict.
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What are the two phases of the criminal justice process?

There are two phases that one must endure before arrest they are the initial contact where a police officer observes, hears, or responds to criminal activity. The other is the investigation process where it is the burden of the police to find sufficient evidence to support a legal arrest.

What is the conviction process?

In law, a conviction is the verdict that usually results when a court of law finds a defendant guilty of a crime. … After a defendant is convicted, the court determines the appropriate sentence as a punishment. Furthermore, the conviction may lead to results beyond the terms of the sentence itself.

What is the final step of the criminal justice process?

Post Trial.

Post trial is the final step where the defendant, if found guilty, will receive a form of rehabilitation or punishment. Some examples of rehabilitation or punishment are prison time, probation, parole, house arrest, and fines.