What is glass in forensic?

How is glass used as evidence?

Glass – Glass can be used to gather evidence, for example collecting fingerprints or blood from a broken window; however, glass also has a place in the trace evidence section. … Paint – Painted surfaces are everywhere and the wide variety of layered colors, lusters and types often make paint high-value as evidence.

Why is glass important in forensic science?

The number of glass fragments found and the location of the fragments can be a very useful means of indicating when the contact with the source of glass occurred and the extent of the contact in question. When and how a window was broken can also be a critical consideration in the investigation of a range of incidents.

How do forensics test glass?

The only way to analyze glass fragments at a crime scene is to assemble the fragments & physically fit them together like a jigsaw puzzle. Sodium carbonate & Calcium diozide are two substances that are added to silica as glass is made.

What is glass analysis?

Glass analysis includes determining the type of glass based on glass fragments. … Basic properties, such as color, thickness, and curvature, can also help to identify different samples of glass just by looking at them. Optical properties, such as refractive index (RI), are defined by various manufacturing methods.

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What are 3 characteristics of glass?

The main characteristics of glass are transparency, heat resistance, pressure and breakage resistance and chemical resistance.

How is glass collected from a crime scene?


The glass should be placed in a sealed paper bindle or a folded and sealed paper or plastic bag, depending on size. Large pieces of glass with sharp edges should be put into sealed containers (such as cardboard boxes) in which they will not cut their way through.

What is tempered glass forensics?

Glass that has been subjected to extreme temperatures or chemical treatments to improve its strength is called tempered glass, or safety glass. Tempered glass is stronger than normal glass due to rapid heating and cooling.