What is a POI in forensics?

What is a POI script?

Event Description. Using a combination of Prose, Poetry and Drama, students construct a program up to ten minutes in length using at least two out of the three genres.

What is the structure of a POI?

a) Introduce POI to Students / Review the basic tenets of POI. ii) Basic Rules (1) Ten minutes maximum (30 second grace period) (2) Multi-Genre (prose, poetry, & drama) (3) Includes a performer-written introduction. (4) Should be thematic and make an argument.

How long should a POI be speech?

The judge will also assign speaker points, typically in a range from 90 and 100, with 100 being outstanding. Each performance has a 10-minute time limit with a 30-second grace period.

Is POI memorized?

The intact manuscript may be used by the contestant as a prop, so long as it remains in the contestant’s control at all times. No costumes or props other than the manuscript are permitted. The contestant must address the script; however, introduction and transitional material may be memorized.

How do you do poi in a debate?

Examples of valid offers, that may be combined with any of several common hand gestures, are:

  1. “On a point of information.”
  2. “May I have this point, sir/miss”
  3. “On [subject] (e.g., political capital or feasibility)”
  4. “On that point, sir/miss”
  5. “POI, sir/ma’am?”
  6. “Point, sir/ma’am”
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What is POI location?

What is a POI (point of interest)? A point of interest is a specific physical location which someone may find interesting. Restaurants, retail stores, and grocery stores are all examples of points of interest.

How many types of POI are there?

Point of Interest (POI) Types

POI Type ID POI Type
2 Aquarium
3 Art
4 Balloon
5 Stadium

How many POI are in the US?

POI or Points of Interest contain a list of 5,392 LPG stations in United States of America with GPS coordinates and addresses.

What is poi in speech and debate?

From the National Speech and Debate Association: POI is a program of oral interpretation of thematically-linked selections chosen from two or three genres: prose, poetry, drama (plays). At least two pieces of literature that represent at least two separate genres must be used. …

How do you judge dramatic performance?


  1. Projection of the plot or theme and the play’s meaning.
  2. Bodily movement, gesture, and facial expression.
  3. Voice and diction (except for Pantomime)
  4. Originality of presentation.
  5. Interpretation.
  6. Interaction of characters in Duo events.

How do you write a good dramatic interpretation?

When writing a Dramatic Interpretation introduction there are several things you can do to reel in your audience.

  1. Set the tone. Dramatic Interpretations are often a dreary sort of artistic expression. …
  2. List all necessary information. …
  3. Background information. …
  4. Be yourself. …
  5. Be creative. …
  6. Placement. …
  7. Audience connection.