What does a child forensic interviewer do?

What are the responsibilities of a forensic interviewer?

Duties include coordination, videotaping and documenting interviews of children and/or family members, conducts training for the disciplines and the community on child sexual abuse; handles difficult and complex sexual abuse cases which may require court reports and extensive testimony.

What is a forensic interview with CPS?

Forensic interviewing is a first step in most child protective services (CPS) investigations, one in which a professional interviews a child to find out if he or she has been maltreated. … This broad, versatile approach incorporates the use of a variety of interviewing techniques.

What do they ask in a forensic interview?

A forensic interview is a structured conversation that is designed to obtain information from the child about an event the child has experienced. … The objective of a free narrative is to have a child talk at length about the event(s) in question, with minimal input or interruption from the interviewer.

What degree do you need to be a child forensic interviewer?

You’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree to qualify for most forensic interviewing jobs. For example, Liberty University offers a Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice and crime scene investigation that provides background for this job.

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What degree do you need to be a forensic interviewer?

A bachelor’s degree is the minimum credential for becoming a forensic interviewer. For that reason, you should plan to take classes in criminal justice, sociology and psychology, with a goal of getting a degree in one of those fields.

Can a parent be present during a forensic interview?

In general, parents (or other relatives and caregivers) should not be present during the interview.

What happens after a child forensic interview?

Steps in the Court Process – After the forensic interview and investigation, the Prosecutor will decide if criminal charges will be filed and if the case should go through the criminal court system. Because every case is different, not every case follows the same steps, which may or may not result in a trial.

Can a forensic interviewer tell if a child is lying?

Forensic interviewers are trained to interview children in these types of cases. … They are not permitted to tell the jury that they believe a child is telling the truth, yet prosecutors continue to look for creative ways to make this type of inadmissible, unreliable, and sometimes false testimony admissible.

Can a parent refuse a forensic interview?

A lawyer (hired by the parent) also can refuse an interview on a child’s behalf. Children themselves can refuse to be questioned and can also request that a lawyer or a parent be present during any questioning.

Who receives a copy of a forensic interview?

The recording of the interview will be turned over to the appropriate law enforcement agency. The forensic interviewer will complete a written summary report following the interview. Listed agencies involved in the investigation will receive a copy of the report.

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