Quick Answer: What term refers to the individual who has the power to conduct digital forensic investigations?

What is another name for a digital forensics investigator?

A computer forensic investigator, also referred to as a forensic investigator, computer forensics analyst, and digital forensics examiner (among others), will spend most of their time gathering, analyzing, and investigating digital data and computer evidence.

Who hires digital forensic investigators?

The most common places of employment for information security analysts are governments, healthcare networks, commercials banks and financial institutions. This field is expected to grow by 28% between 2016 and 2026, which is much faster than the national average for all jobs.

How do you conduct a digital forensic investigation?

5 Steps for Conducting Computer Forensics Investigations

  1. Policy and Procedure Development. …
  2. Evidence Assessment. …
  3. Evidence Acquisition. …
  4. Evidence Examination. …
  5. Documenting and Reporting.

What is digital forensics quizlet?

Digital Forensics involves scientifically examining and analyzing data from computer storage media so that data can be used as evidence in court, Is the process of identifying, preserving, analyzing and presenting digital evidence.

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