Question: What are the 11 sections of the American Academy of Forensic Science?

What are the 11 areas of forensic science?

The American Academy of Forensic Sciences, which represents more than 6,000 scientists, organizes the forensic sciences into 11, distinct sections:

  • Criminalistics.
  • Digital and Multimedia Sciences.
  • Engineering Sciences.
  • General.
  • Jurisprudence.
  • Odontology.
  • Pathology/Biology.
  • Physical Anthropology.

What are the eleven sections of the American Academy of forensic Science?

Its over 6,600 members are divided into eleven sections spanning the forensic enterprise. Included among the Academy’s members are physicians, attorneys, dentists, toxicologists, anthropologists, document examiners, digital evidence experts, psychiatrists, physicists, engineers, criminalists, educators, and others.

What are the 10 sections of forensic science according to the American Academy of forensic Science?

How Many Disciplines are in Forensic Science?

  • Criminalistics.
  • Engineering Sciences.
  • Jurisprudence.
  • Odontology.
  • Pathology & Biology.
  • Physical Anthropology.
  • Psychiatry & Behavioral Science.
  • Questioned Documents.

What are the ten main areas of discipline in forensic science?

Lists of ‘forensic disciplines’ are usually a mixture of scientific fields, tasks, occupations and services such as anthropology, ballistics, biology/DNA, chemical criminalistics, clandestine laboratories, crime scene examination, document examination, fingerprints, illicit drug analysis, computer forensics, digital

What are the divisions of forensic science?

Different divisions and their functional activities

  • Biology / Serology Division.
  • Chemistry Division.
  • Toxicology Division.
  • Physics/ Ballistics Division.
  • Documents Division.
  • Cyber Forensic Division. Undertakes examination of: …
  • Polygraph Division (Proposed for establishment) • …
  • District Mobile Laboratory.
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Which of the following is a section within the Aafs?

Those sections are: Criminalistics, Digital & Multimedia Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Jurisprudence, Odontology, Pathology/Biology, Physical Anthropology, Psychiatry/Behavioral Sciences, Questioned Documents, and Toxicology.