Best answer: Why is Forensic Files rated TV MA?

Why is Forensic Files TV-Ma?

Extreme violence described (murder, rape, assault, etc.), mild violence portrayed. Some episodes deal with sexual crimes and related evidence. Occasional “hell” or “damn.”

Is Forensic Files TV 14?

The show was originally broadcast on TLC, narrated by Peter Thomas, and produced by Medstar Television, distributed by FilmRise, in association with truTV Original Productions.

Forensic Files
Original language English
No. of seasons 14
No. of episodes 406, including six hour-long specials (list of episodes)

What is the rating for Forensic Files?

Forensic Files ratings (TV show, 1996-2011)

Rank 4,431 / 21,058
Episodes 403
Total votes 26,537
Average votes 66
Average rating 7.1 / 10

Why is see rated TV-MA?

The official See Season 2 age rating is TV-MA. This is the same as the first season. … What’s the reason for the U.S. age rating? It’s linked to the violence, the nudity, and the intensity of some of the scenes.

Is the FBI files on Netflix?

The FBI Files is an American television docudrama series that originally ran from 1998 to 2006 on the Discovery Channel and produced by New Dominion Pictures. … It has also been shown on TV Denmark, Discovery Australia and Netflix in Canada.

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What happened Tara Munsey?

Tara Rose Munsey was 16 when she disappeared Jan. 25, 2000, from her job at the Fairlawn Taco Bell. Her body was found Feb. 10 that year in a ravine in Parrott.

Do they still make Forensic Files?

June 30, 2021 Forensic Files II – the hugely successful re-booted continuation of the long-running beloved original series – premieres its second season, with 14 back-to-back, new half-hour episodes, on Sunday, July 11, 10-11pm ET/PT produced by, and airing exclusively on, HLN.

Is Forensic Files 2 Cancelled?

Forensic Files II is a revival continuation of the long-running American documentary true crime series Forensic Files, which originally aired from 1996 to 2011 on various networks. … On May 12, 2020, the series was renewed for a second and third season. The second season premiered on July 11, 2021.

What happened to Forensic Files on Netflix?

The original Forensic Files ran for 14 seasons from 1996 to 2011, and was on Netflix in the UK for a long period of time – but unfortunately got removed in January of this year. However, if you’re in the US, nine of the seasons are still available to stream on the platform.