You asked: What are the jobs after MSc forensic science?

What can I do after MSC forensic science?

Here are some of the top places of work as a forensic scientist:

  1. Intelligence Bureau(IB)
  2. Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)
  3. Central Govt. Forensic Sciences Labs.
  4. Hospitals.
  5. Private Detective Agencies.
  6. Law Firms.
  7. Police Department.
  8. Quality Control Bureau.

Can I get job after MSC forensic science?

Multiple career opportunities are available in public and private academic institutions, medical start-ups, hospitals, research laboratories, intelligence bureaus, private detective agencies, pharmaceutical companies, police departments, manufacturing companies, forensic science laboratories, defence/army corporates, …

What is the salary of MSC forensic science in India?

Forensic scientist salaries in India are as follows. After completing forensic science, a graduate with less than one year of experience can expect INR 3.96 Lakh per annum.

Forensic Scientist Salary in India.

Forensic Scientist Experience Salary (Per Annum)
Average Salary INR 4.95
Highest Salary INR 30 Lakh

What are the 3 main jobs of a forensic scientist?

The three tasks or responsibilities of a forensic scientist are:

  • Collecting evidence.
  • Analyzing evidence.
  • Communicating with law enforcement and…

What is the salary of MSC forensic science?

Employees as Forensic Science earn an average of ₹15lakhs, mostly ranging from ₹15lakhs per year to ₹15lakhs per year based on 1 profiles. The top 10% of employees earn more than ₹15lakhs per year.

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What is salary after doing MSC in forensic science?

After completing a qualification in forensic science, the starting salary is between Rs. 3 Lac to Rs. 4 Lac per annum. With experience, professionals can earn Rs 6 Lac to Rs 8 Lacs per year.

What is the highest paying job in forensics?

Top 5 Highest Paying Forensic Science Careers

  1. Forensic Medical Examiner. Perhaps the highest paying position in the field of forensic science is forensic medical examiner. …
  2. Forensic Engineer. …
  3. Forensic Accountant. …
  4. Crime Scene Investigator. …
  5. Crime Laboratory Analyst.

What is the salary of forensic doctor?

Average salary of forensic pathologists

The average salary for forensic pathologists in the United States is $60,118 per year. This salary can vary greatly depending on several factors including geographic location, experience, level of education and place of employment.

Does forensic science require NEET?

No, writing NEET is not required to get admission in forensic sciences. Colleges and Universities conduct their own entrance exam for admission in a forensic science course.