Who receives a copy of the forensic interview?


What happens after a forensic interview?

Steps in the Court Process – After the forensic interview and investigation, the Prosecutor will decide if criminal charges will be filed and if the case should go through the criminal court system. … This Advocate will work with you throughout the prosecution of your case.

Are forensic interviews recorded?

The forensic interview is recorded in order to minimize the number of times a victim must detail their trauma. The recording also increases the accuracy of information provided to professionals investigating the case, particularly law enforcement.

Who does a forensic interview?

Forensic interviews are conducted by trained professionals, including child welfare caseworkers, law enforcement, and specialized forensic interviewers at children’s advocacy centers (CACs). These interviewers are frequently part of a multidisciplinary team investigating the case.

How are forensic interviews conducted?

A forensic interview is a fact-finding conversation conducted by a specially-trained Forensic Interviewer. The interview is designed to provide the child an opportunity to talk about the reason for their visit to the CAC. … Questions are asked in a non-leading manner at pace that is comfortable for the child.

Can a child refuse a forensic interview?

A lawyer (hired by the parent) also can refuse an interview on a child’s behalf. Children themselves can refuse to be questioned and can also request that a lawyer or a parent be present during any questioning.

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Can a parent be present during a forensic interview?

In general, parents (or other relatives and caregivers) should not be present during the interview.

What do they ask in a forensic interview?

A forensic interview is a structured conversation that is designed to obtain information from the child about an event the child has experienced. … The objective of a free narrative is to have a child talk at length about the event(s) in question, with minimal input or interruption from the interviewer.

What is a forensic interview specialist?

A forensic interviewer is a criminal justice specialist who conducts interviews and gathers information for crimes that involve children. … Forensic interviewers specialize in interviewing children in a friendly and compassionate manner to help them feel comfortable.

Can a forensic interviewer tell if a child is lying?

Forensic interviewers are trained to interview children in these types of cases. … They are not permitted to tell the jury that they believe a child is telling the truth, yet prosecutors continue to look for creative ways to make this type of inadmissible, unreliable, and sometimes false testimony admissible.