Who is known as the pioneer of forensic science?

Who is known as father of forensic science?

Father’s of Various branches of Forensic Science

Sr. No. Branches and Fields Name
1. Father of Forensic Science Bernard Spilsbury
2. Father of Modern Forensic Science Dr Edmond locard
3. Father of Forensic Accounting Frank John Wilson
4. Father of Forensic Anthropology Thomas Dwight

Which forensic pioneer wrote the first forensic journal?

Hans Gross was the founder of “The Forensic Journal.” He also wrote numerous “how-to” books for topics like: Microscopy, anthropometry, fingerprinting, etc. Another thing he did was serve as prosecutor and a judge.

Who is the father of forensic science and why?

Sir Bernard Henry Spilsbury Kt:

In 20th Centuray Bernard Spilsbury is considered as a father of forensic science because of his immense work in legal justice system solely.

Who is the father of Indian forensic medicine?

Figure 1.2 Paolus Zacchia (1584–1659), called the ‘Father of forensic medicine’.

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