What is chain of custody and what is its role in a forensic investigation?

What is chain of custody why it is important in digital forensic investigation?

Chain of custody indicates the collection, sequence of control, transfer and analysis. It also documents details of each person who handled the evidence, date and time it was collected or transferred, and the purpose of the transfer.

What is meant by chain of custody and what role does it play in a criminal investigation?

In criminal and civil law, the term “chain of custody” refers to the order in which items of evidence have been handled during the investigation of a case. Proving that an item has been properly handled through an unbroken chain of custody is required for it to be legally considered as evidence in court.

What is the purpose of chain of custody?

Definition(s): A process that tracks the movement of evidence through its collection, safeguarding, and analysis lifecycle by documenting each person who handled the evidence, the date/time it was collected or transferred, and the purpose for the transfer.

What is the importance of chain of custody?

Importance of the Chain of Custody

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The chain of custody proves the integrity of a piece of evidence. [1] A paper trail is maintained so that the persons who had charge of the evidence at any given time can be known quickly and summoned to testify during the trial if required.

What is chain of custody rule?

“Chain of Custody” means the duly recorded authorized movements and custody of seized drugs or controlled chemicals or plant sources of dangerous drugs or laboratory equipment of each stage, from the time of seizure/confiscation to receipt in the forensic laboratory to safekeeping to presentation in court for …

How does chain of custody work?

The chain of custody is defined as the witnessed, written record of all of the individuals who maintained unbroken control over the items of evidence. It establishes the proof that the items of evidence collected at the crime scene is the same evidence that is being presented in a court of law.

What is a chain of custody digital forensics?

Digital chain of custody is the record of preservation of digital evidence from collection to presentation in the court of law. This is an essential part of digital investigation process. Its key objective is to ensure that the digital evidence presented to the court remains as originally collected, without tampering.

How can the chain of custody affect the investigation?

If the chain of custody is broken, vital evidence could be deemed legally worthless. This often happens if the chain of custody form or evidence bag is mislabeled, if the transfer takes an unreasonable amount of time, or if the evidence falls into the wrong hands.

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What does chain of custody mean for drug testing?

Chain of custody is the movement and location of physical evidence from the time it is obtained until the time it is presented in court, and is used to prove the integrity of a piece of evidence.