What is a forensic countermeasure?

How do forensics clean computers?

For a quick and complete erase of all hard drives in your computer, download Boot and Nuke, burn it to a CD and restart your computer. Boot and Nuke will then securely erase any hard drive it detects, including your operating system. This is best to use before selling a computer or throwing away an old hard drive.

How anti-forensic techniques affect computer forensics file recovery and security?

Changing Timestamps. Forensic investigators can pinpoint or trace the attacker by figuring out the location and time of the attack. Therefore, attackers use anti-forensic techniques such as changing timestamps to hide or eliminate the logs, determining the attacker’s location or attack time.

What is a swipe in forensics?

Swipe Pattern – A bloodstain pattern resulting from the transfer of blood from a blood-bearing surface onto another surface, with characteristics that indicate relative motion between the two surfaces. … Wipe Pattern – An altered bloodstain pattern resulting from an object moving through a preexisting wet bloodstain.

Is anti forensics part of forensics?

Attacks against computer forensics

In the past anti-forensic tools have focused on attacking the forensic process by destroying data, hiding data, or altering data usage information. … During a typical forensic examination, the examiner would create an image of the computer’s disks.

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What tools do anti forensics use?

In this article Explain different types of Anti-Forensics Tools which are using in forensic investigation.

  • Steganography Studio. Source: http://stegstudio.sourceforge.net. …
  • CryptaPix. Source: http://www.briggsoft.com. …
  • GiliSoft File Lock Pro. Source: http://gilisoft.com. …
  • wbStego. …
  • Data Stash. …
  • OmniHide PRO. …
  • Masker. …
  • Deep Sound.

What does stringing method tell an analyst?

In the stringing method, which is still used by many analysts, the analyst documents the location of each spatter using the coordinate system. Then, he or she establishes a level line to show how the spatter is oriented in relation to the floor and ceiling.

What is it called when blood dries?

Blood residue are the wet and dry remnants of blood, as well the discoloration of surfaces on which blood has been shed.

Does Luminol only show blood?

The reaction is not specific to blood, however, as other oxidizing agents such as sodium hypoclorite (bleach), certain metals, and plant peroxidases may also cause luminescence with luminol.

Does scratching a hard drive make it unreadable?

The first point to be made here is that scratched hard drives are still recoverable. Not fully, but still recoverable. Typically, the sectors that have been impaired by the scratch and the only sectors that the head stack assembly will not be able to read.

Does microwaving a hard drive destroy it?

Microwaving a HDD is one of the most ineffective ways to destroy data, but it WILL be effective in starting a house fire. … And sure, it may render the HDD unusable, but so long as the platter is intact (which a microwave will probably not affect), data can still be recovered from it.

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