What are the three fold aims of criminal investigation?

What are the three 3 fold aims of criminal investigation?

Investigation refers to the collection of facts to accomplish a three-fold aim: a. to identify the suspect; b. to locate the suspect; and c. to provide evidence of his guilt. … Taking of sworn statements of suspects and witnesses is also part of the investigation protocol.

What are the aims of criminal investigation?


Generally, the goals of criminal investigation are the following: 1. To determine whether a crime has been committed; 2. To legally obtain information or evidence; 3. To identify persons involved in the crime; 4.

What are the three aspects of investigation?

A criminal investigation is a question and collection of items or knowledge, that then helps you reach a conclusion and find the answer you were looking for. A criminal investigation has three elements: the process, crime related information, and goals (Brandl, 2014).

What are the 3 Anatomy of crimes?

For any crime to happen, there are three elements or ingredients that must be present at the same time and place. These are the Motive, the Instrumentality and the Opportunity.

What are fundamentals of criminal investigation?

Investigation – an inquiry, judicial or otherwise for the discovery and collection of facts concerning the matters involved. – it is the process of inquiring, eliciting, soliciting and getting vital information, facts, circumstances in order to establish the truth.

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What are the phases of investigation?

Five Phase Investigation Process

  • Phase I: Preparation and Planning. …
  • Phase II: Information Gathering and Problem Identification. …
  • Phase III: Verification and Analysis. …
  • Phase IV: Disbursement of Disciplinary and Corrective Action. …
  • Phase V: Prevention and Education. …
  • Summary. …
  • Confidentiality. …
  • Attorney/Client Privilege.

What are the three major crime scene functions?

The three major functions to be executed at the scene of a crime are?? -Overall coordination, forensic services, investigative services.

What is the main purpose of investigation?

The purpose of an investigation is to establish relevant facts to prove or disprove allegations of fraud and corruption. It is a legally established fact-finding process conducted in an impartial and objective manner, with the aim to establish the relevant facts and make recommendations in this connection.