What are the job responsibilities of a crime scene investigator?

What are the duties and responsibilities of crime scene investigator?

Photograph victims, crowd, and vehicles. Photograph entire scene with overall, medium and close-up coverage, using measurement scale when appropriate. Photograph major evidence items before they are moved; coordinate this effort with Sketch Preparer, Evidence Recorder, and Evidence Recovery Personnel.

What are 4 things the crime scene investigator is responsible for?

A Crime Scene Investigator is responsible for…

  • Working with law enforcement to secure the scene as to prevent the contamination of evidence.
  • Identifying and marking the areas of the crime scene.
  • Collecting, preserving, and packaging the physical evidence.
  • Maintaining detailed reports, logs and other tracking data.

What are six responsibilities of a crime scene supervisor?

Crime Scene Supervisor Job Description

  • Expeditious processing.
  • Proper scene documentation.
  • Proper evidence recovery.
  • The proper use of resources, equipment and supplies.
  • Proper handling and packaging of evidence.
  • Proper safety precautions.
  • Proper evidence analysis and preservation.

What are the duties of an investigator?

Criminal Investigator duties and responsibilities

  • Investigate crime scenes and apply different investigation methods.
  • Initiate survey.
  • Construct detailed investigation reports.
  • Manage evidence.
  • Identify and prosecute perpetrators.
  • Generate initial theories.
  • Eliminate wrong theories.
  • Document the scene in detail.
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What are the responsibilities of the first officer at a crime scene?

The first officer has three primary duties: (1) determine if the victim is alive or dead; (2) apprehend the perpetrator, if possible or give the appropriate notification if the perpetrator is escaping; and (3) safeguard the scene and detain witnesses and suspects.

Which best describes the role of a crime scene investigator at a crime scene?

Crime scene detectives are also known as crime scene investigators, crime scene technicians, forensic investigators and forensic science technicians. They are responsible for identifying, collecting, preserving, processing and submitting physical evidence from crime scenes.

What is a crime scene investigation?

Crime scene investigation is, by its most basic definition, the method of protecting, processing and reconstruction of a crime. It doesn’t matter where the crime took place or if there are more than one crime scenes involved. … Crime scenes are a source for physical and material evidence.