What are some of the difficulties in conducting crime scene searches?

What are the legal challenges of a crime scene search?

The major legal challenge that is faced during a crime scene search is whether a search warrant is needed to remain at the crime scene after the original response ofthe law enforcement officers.

What is the most challenging aspect of processing a crime scene?

All evidence within the physical environment of the crime scene is critically important to the investigative process. At any crime scene, the two greatest challenges to the physical evidence are contamination and loss of continuity.

What problems do investigators encounter at many crime scenes?

The biggest problem encountered in crime scene investigations is too many non-essential personnel in the scene. Unfortunately, the bulk of these non-essential personnel are often police officers.

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What factors can affect the choice of search method at a crime scene?

Swanson, Chamelin, and Territo (2003, 51-55) indicate that there are five primary considerations for conducting a crime scene search: (1) boundary determination, (2) choice of search pattern, (3) instruction of personnel, (4) coordination of efforts, and (5) processing of the evidence.

What are the basic premises to be considered when searching a crime scene?

Basic Stages in a Search

  • Approach scene Secure and protect scene.
  • Initiate preliminary survey/determine scene boundaries.
  • Evaluate physical evidence possibilities.
  • Prepare narrative description.
  • Depict scene photographically.
  • Prepare diagram/sketch of scene.
  • Conduct detailed search.
  • Record and collect physical evidence.

What are one of the most important aspects when it comes to securing a crime scene?

One of the most important aspects of securing the crime scene is to preserve the scene with minimal contamination and disturbance of physical evidence. First Responders to an incident should document the placement and/or movement of items at the scene.

What is the biggest problem that crime scene technicians face on the job?

Ask crime scene technicians to name the biggest problem that they encounter on the job and you will consistently hear the same response—crime scene contamination by curious officers, detectives, and supervisors.

What are three major problems with evidence in criminal investigations?

a. Three major problems with evidence in criminal investigations are: the lack of knowledge that the evidence collected will be relevant to the investigation, the evidence may not be accurate, and lastly there may be a large amount of evidence to consider versus a few pieces of concrete evidence.

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What difficulties are caused by an investigator not understanding the capabilities and limitations of crime laboratories?

What difficulties are caused by an investigator not understanding the capabilities and limitations of crime laboratories? Some investigators are not acquainted with the services a crime lab provides. Some expect too much from the scientific analysis.

What were the main challenges facing investigators who were collecting evidence in the case?

The main challenges that they had to face were the Mexican officials tampering and moving the evidence, the house at 881 Lope De Vega being cleaned and painted and officials living there, they also would not allow the DEA investigators to investigate some places.

What are some of the problems facing investigators and forensic experts these days?

Some common challenges are lack of availability of proper guidelines for collection acquisition and presentation of electronic evidence, rapid change in technology, big data, use of anti-forensic techniques by criminals, use of free online tools for investigation, etc.

What are the consequences of failures in an investigation to the criminal justice system and to society?

Failures in the criminal investigative process can have serious consequences. Unsolved crimes, unsuccessful prosecu- tions, unpunished offenders, and wrongful convictions bring the criminal justice system into disrepute.