Quick Answer: Who founded the classical school of criminology?

What is the classical school of thought in criminology?

From the Enlightenment came a school of thought known as the classical school of criminology, which emphasizes the ideas that people make choices to commit crime and that punishment should be about preventing future crimes from being committed.

Who was the author of the classical theory?

The most prominent thinker and author of the classical theory was Cesare Beccaria. He based the theory on the philosophical works of Thomas Hobbes.

When did the classical school of criminology come to existence?

The Classical School was developed between the 1700- 1800 in which criminologist gave their point of view. The Classical School had ties to the enlightenment period, and crime was a result of free will and people making their own choices.

Who were the important thinkers of the classical school of criminology?

There were two main contributors to this theory of criminology and they were Jeremy Bentham and Cesare de Beccaria. They are seen as the most important enlightenment thinkers in the area of ‘classical’ thinking and are considered the founding fathers of the classical school of criminology.

Who is the dean of criminology?

Edwin H. Sutherland (August 13, 1883 – October 11, 1950) was an American sociologist and criminologist, often called the “Dean of Criminology” for his pioneering work in this area.

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