How is chromatography used in a crime scene?

How do police use chromatography?

To catch a thief

Forensic scientists rely on chromatography to analyse fibres that are found in a crime scene. … If so, chromatography is used to reveal the dye pattern in the fragments, just like the pen ink in Yan’s note.

Why is chromatography useful in forensic science?

Separation of complex mixtures (known as chromatography) is an essential tool in forensic science. It is routinely used to identify and compare samples of drugs, explosives, inks and biological samples such as saliva, urine, blood and other.

How is chromatography used in drug testing?

9 Depending on the specific test, chromatography uses a gas or liquid carrier medium to separate the urine sample’s compounds by their molecular interactions with the carrier medium (mainly by different polarities).

What is chromatography write its uses?

1) It is used to separate solution of coloured substances. 2) It is used in forensic sciences to detect and identify trace amount of substances in the contents of bladder and stomach. 3) It is used to separate small amount of products of chemical reaction.

What is chromatography explain with example?

chromatography is a process of separation of a mixture. it is used for separation of those solutes that dissolve in the same solvent. for example- to separate colours of dye or drugs form blood. bezglasnaaz and 51 more users found this answer helpful. Thanks 27.

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