How do you package evidence at a crime scene quizlet?

How do you package evidence quizlet?

2. Carefully package in large container (cardboard box), especially if it contains DNA evidence (after drying) or any trace evidence.

  1. Should be collected while wearing gloves.
  2. Each item should be placed in a separate, see-through package.
  3. 3.DO NOT fold or bend.
  4. 4.DO NOT remove staples.

How do you package trace evidence?

Small or loose trace evidence must be secured in clean, unused primary containers such as paper packets or petri dishes. The primary container should then be appropriately secured in an envelope or paper bag.

What are three ways to document evidence at a crime scene?

The three most common methods of recording a crime scene are: note taking, sketching, and photography. A detailed record of the crime scene and of the actions taken during the search of it, help the crime scene specialist to accurately recall events and to identify items of evidence later in a court of law.

What are the 8 steps of packaging evidence?

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  • Obtain a search warrant.
  • Secure and Isolate the crime scene.
  • Record the scene.
  • Conduct a systematic search for evidence.
  • Collect and package physical evidence.
  • Maintain and chain of custody.
  • Obtain controls.
  • Submit evidence to the laboratory.
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How do you collect evidence?

Trace Evidence

  1. Document and photograph the evidence.
  2. Properly secure the evidence by placing it in a paper bag or envelope.
  3. Close, seal, or tape the paper bag or envelope. …
  4. Label the bag or envelope with the patient’s identifying information.
  5. Examiner must place signature, date, and time on the envelope[3]

How biological evidence is packaged quizlet?

Explain the proper packaging and storage of biological evidence: Dry items should be packaged in porous containers such as paper bags, envelopes, boxes. Wet items should be allowed to air dry prior to packaging. Very wet items can be transported in plastic containers but should be air-dried as soon as possible.

What type of packaging should be used to collect metal fragments?

Use metal canisters or paper fold and then place inside an envelope with all the edges sealed. Protect the area of interest on a tool (e.g., by taping a paper bag around the end) and seal in a sturdy container. Do not use tape or plastic bags to collect.

What are the 5 steps of crime scene investigation?

The basic crime scene procedures are physical evidence recognition, documentation, proper collection, packaging, preser- vation, and, finally, scene reconstruction.

How do you package a knife at a crime scene?

Avoid packaging several pieces of glass in one container to protect potential evidence. Always plainly mark the storage box with the word SHARPS or affix a SHARPS sticker. Sharps, such as knives and glass, must be submitted in a hard-sided container.

How do you transport evidence?

Use plastic bags for the transportation of biological evidence only when there are excessive body fluids and possible contamination of people and other evidence items. Use paper packaging if saturation is not a possibility. Never package wet or moist body fluids in plastic bags for long periods of time.

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What type of packaging is used for trace evidence?

Trace Evidence

Properly secure the evidence by placing in a paper bag or envelope. Close, seal, or tape the paper bag or envelope.